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After taking my first photography class in tenth grade, I was hooked. I never put the camera back down and have been firing away ever since. Six years later, Gotcha! Photography was created in 1996. Juggling my photography business while raising two children and attempting to be a good wife and mother, I've come to appreciate the special midnight hours of editing and perfecting my images. I've often wondered what my clients think about receiving emails from me at midnight and later. They probably think I'm sending out automated generic emails. But nope, it's the real genuine me. Sitting here typing away as I am now and it's 11:30pm.
Once you get to spend a session with me, you'll soon come to realize that I love to keep "it" light. Even if it is at the expense of my own pride. Between corny jokes and animal sounds, I've come to acknowledge the fact that I can be quite the goof ball. Without tooting my own horn, I would like to mention that my clients often communicate with me the day of the shoot, or send an email telling me how much they enjoyed their time with me. I hear things such as, "that was way more fun than I thought it would be. Or, from my wedding clients, "You've helped make our day the most beautiful memory we could ever imagine. Thanks for your patience with the crazy in-laws and falling behind schedule. We loved your direction and it is very obvious that you love your job as much as one can. Thanks for giving us the most beautiful portraits that we could have ever dreamed of having."
Those are the words from the thank you notes that often come in after we spend the day with the bride, groom and families. I save each and every one of them and sometimes read them to fill my mind with encouragement.
I love the referral business so much that I use it for almost the entirety of my advertising (much to the disappointment from the phone book company). It's just more enjoyable to know that people are calling the studio because their family or friends told them to.
My daughter Haley helps me at most weddings now and is quite the assistant. (Seen here in my bio image). This is an added bonus as most of my business falls on the weekends and I still get to spend time with my daughter while my husband and our son get to have a "guy" day together as well.
Thank you for your business and allowing me to be a part of your family history.

Please enjoy viewing your images and don't hesitate to contact the studio with any questions. Have a wonderful day.

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